Stress sucks – but it doesn’t have to! Stress helps you focus your attention and summon your powers to deal with a challenging situation (Seyle 1976). We make 2 appraisals of every threat – first, the immediate risks we think the situation presents; and then the options we view at our disposal to manage those risks (Lyons 2012). Stress sucks when we over react and question our ability to control the situation.

Try these MentalNotes –

  1. Consider stress an attention grabber – stress is nothing more than your body’s call to focus
  2. Manage your over reaction – take a deep breath and assume a more balanced view of the situation
  3. Play to your strengths – try to recall a past success in a similar situation and think of ways to leverage what you’re good at
  4. Get others involved – trusted others can help you balance your view of the situation and help develop plans for dealing with the challenge


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