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uncertainty, fear


Anxiety, depression and uncertainty are closely related. Anxiety is a feeling of dread about the future (Baumeister, Vohs, Aaker & Garbinsky, 2013). When we anticipate harm or danger, we get anxious (Clark, Beck & Brown, 1989).

The main sources of depression are failure and loss (Beck, 1989). We worry about things we don’t yet know and conjure up worst case scenarios (of failure and loss) which then makes it hard to get out of bed! Its a vicious cycle.


Overgeneralization will send you over the cliff! When we’re anxious about an uncertain future, we tend to take limited information and over generalize it! We use a singular bad experience to predict the future.

Manage your anxiety by managing your thoughts. If you begin to anticipate harm or danger – STOP! Chances are you’re overgeneralizing and talking yourself into a panic. REMEMBER -anxiety is self-inflicted discomfort.






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