CHALLENGES: new job, new boss, unwanted change, new bonus plan


REACTIONS: uncertainty, fear, anxiety, stress, confidence loss, anger


GOALS: confidence, optimism, grit, resilience, openness, adaptability


TIP: Recognize and manage your mixed feelings. You don’t want to let your personal struggles with change cloud the positive potential a new boss, job or program may offer. If your feelings about the person or org influencing the change are neutral or positive, let that be your source of optimism. On the other hand, don’t assume that every change a boss you don’t like is bad! Even bad bosses can make good changes ;-).


RESEARCH: 2 things influence our response to change – 1.) our attitudes toward change in general; and 2.) our attitudes about the person or organization causing the change (Oreg, et al, Journal of Applied Psychology, 2011). These 2-factors interact and create mixed feelings about your new environment.


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