Use anger as motivation


noun_lightbulbTIP: Anger isn’t all bad. In fact, anger can motivate us to take decisive action towards the things we covet most.  Use your anger! When you’re mad, step back and reassess. There may be a couple things you want to add to that “to-do” list! What is it you want? What’s blocking your progress? What needs to happen to remove these barriers?

noun_professorRESEARCH: there are 2 basic motivational forces – things we want and things we want to avoid. We think of things we want with our rationale and logical left brain. We think of things we want to avoid with our more negative and emotional right brain. Neuroscientists have proven that anger triggers our left brain – not our right (Carver & Harmon-Jones), which means that anger actually stimulates the more rational and action oriented side of our brains.

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