Motivating Students



CHALLENGES: lack of motivation, lack of effort, lack of engagement, lack of support, lazy students, poor communication, boredom


REACTIONS: uncertainty, stress, anger, frustration, loss of confidence, anxiety, disinterest


RESEARCH: Students who feel accepted by their teacher are more motivated, engaged, and likely to succeed (Martin, 2005; Benard, 1995). Similarly, students who have parental support and trust possess higher intrinsic desire for school work and success (Grolnick & Ryan, 1989). If students lack support they may stop valuing an activity or feeling capable of doing it, which is known as amotivation (Ryan & Deci, 2000).

Good teachers are confident in their ability to promote learning, create learning environments, and help students progress (Bandura, 1993). A very motivated person can change how those around them are motivated and expand their desire for learning (Amabile, 1993).


TIPS: Listen and be supportive. Show students that you care about them regardless of failure. Foster an environment that values effort, interest, challenge, and self-improvement.

Show others why learning and development is valuable. Give workers chances to take on challenges, test their skills, see results, and get feedback. This can provide them with good experiences that can build intrinsic interest in tasks (Bandura, 2000).



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