Give yourself some credit

noun_614952_51A7F9TRY THIS: Give yourself credit when the credit is due. Think of a recent success. Did you take time to celebrate? Did you pat yourself on the back? If you struggle with self-doubt, you may attribute your own success to luck or timing when YOU made it happen. Let yourself feel good about success and acknowledge your strengths that led to the victory!

noun_professorTHE RESEARCH SAYS: Some people have a hard time accepting success. They assume that luck, timing or good fortune carried the day – not their skills and hard work. Even in victory they have doubts about their ability and fear that they are less capable than others assumeĀ (e.g., Clance, 1985). People that feel like “imposters” also tend to self-handicap (Want & Kleitman, 2006).

noun_hurdleWHEN IT HAPPENS: new job, new boss, new project, new team, unwanted change, reorganization, set back, relocation, job interview, big presentation, meeting with boss, performance review, meeting with senior management


noun_1007313COMMON REACTIONS: self-doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, loss of confidence, loss of motivation, rumination, sleeplessness, irritability

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