Self doubt


noun_614952_51A7F9TRY THIS: The next time you’re burning the midnight oil, ask yourself why. Those endless hours you’re working might be masking some self-doubt. You may not trust that your abilities alone will suffice. There’s a time and place for extra effort, but make sure that your automatic reflex to self doubt isn’t endless hours of work.

noun_professorTHE RESEARCH SAYS: Self sabotage is a defense against self-doubt, but so is being a workaholic (Jones and Berglas, 1978). The combination of self-doubt and concern over future outcomes often leads to extreme effort (Lynch, 1989). Those with self-doubt don’t trust their ability and determine that their only path to success is through endless hours (Crocker & Wolfe, 2001).

noun_hurdleWHEN IT HAPPENS: new job, new boss, new project, new team, unwanted change, reorganization, set back, relocation, job interview, big presentation, meeting with boss, performance review, meeting with senior management

noun_1007313COMMON REACTIONS: self-doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, loss of confidence, loss of motivation, rumination, sleeplessness, irritability

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