Watch the knee jerk reactions


noun_614952_51A7F9TRY THIS: Be honest with yourself. Does waiting on an important outcome just drive you crazy? If so, you’re not alone! You need to protect against knee jerk reactions. Don’t let your need for closure cause you to act prematurely.

noun_professorTHE RESEARCH SAYS: Some people just can’t wait. They have what is referred to as a high “need for closure”. (Kruglanski, A. W.; Webster, D. M. April 1996). Those that do tend to make decisions with limited information and use decision making shortcuts (Van Hiel and Mervielde, 2003).

noun_hurdleWHEN IT HAPPENS: waiting on bonus, performance review, job offer, promotion, customer feedback, test results, meeting outcome, important announcement


noun_1007313COMMON REACTIONS: anxiety, uncertainty, self-doubt, rumination, sleeplessness, irritability, anger, frustration



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