You can grow stale doing the same job over and over

noun_614952_51A7F9TRY THIS: Strive to succeed and get better positions. Staying in a certain position or job too long can hurt your drive. Show commitment by doing a great job that earns you praise and future opportunities!



RESEARCH SAYS: Length of time in the same position has a negative relationship with commitment and job involvement. Similarly, length of time in at a job has a negative and significant relationship with job involvement (Moynihan & Pandey, 2007).


WHEN IT HAPPENS: old job, old team, old boss, old project, new job, new boss, new project, new team, performance review, job offer


noun_1007313COMMON REACTIONS: loss of motivation, lack of engagement, lack of effort, anger,  irritability, sadness, disinterest, lack of commitment, boredom

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