Leverage your experience to seek out new opportunities

noun_614952_51A7F9TRY THIS: You should always try to take on new opportunities,
no matter how old you are. Just because you think you have fewer chances than younger workers does not mean that you actually do. Age is just a number. So why not get the most out of life? Take charge and take your chances!


RESEARCH SAYS: Older workers perceive less remaining time
and fewer remaining opportunities at work than younger workers (Carstensen, 2006; Cate & John, 2007; Zacher & Frese, 2009).



WHEN IT HAPPENS: old job, new boss, new project, new team, unwanted change, reorganization, set back, relocation, big presentation, meeting with boss, performance review, meeting with senior management, working as a team, layoffs, job offer

noun_1007313COMMON REACTIONS: self-doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, loss of confidence, loss of motivation, lack of engagement, anger, rumination, sleeplessness, irritability, sadness

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