CHALLENGES: new job, new boss, unwanted change, new bonus plan REACTIONS: uncertainty, fear, anxiety, stress, confidence loss, anger GOALS: confidence, optimism, grit, resilience, openness, adaptability TIP: Recognize and manage your mixed feelings. You don't want to let your personal struggles with change cloud the positive potential a new boss, job or program may offer. If your feelings about … Continue reading MentalNote_Change


SITUATIONS: merger, acquisition, new job, new boss, job offer EMOTIONS: uncertainty, fear SCIENCE: Anxiety, depression and uncertainty are closely related. Anxiety is a feeling of dread about the future (Baumeister, Vohs, Aaker & Garbinsky, 2013). When we anticipate harm or danger, we get anxious (Clark, Beck & Brown, 1989). The main sources of depression are failure … Continue reading Anxiety


CHALLENGES: merger, acquisition, new job, new boss REACTIONS: uncertainty, fear RESEARCH: Research shows that uncertainty will make a bad event seem even worse (e.g., Arenas, Tabernero, & Briones, 2006; van den Bos, Euwema, Poortvliet, & Maas, 2007; Wiggins et al.,1992). The good news - the research also shows that the more people understand an event … Continue reading Uncertainty


CHALLENGES: merger, acquisition, new job, new boss, job offer REACTIONS: uncertainty, fear, anxiety RESEARCH: Psychologists view uncertainty as an uncomfortable lack of information (e.g., Hogg, 2000; Weary & Edwards, 1996). We need information to feel in control (Berlyne, 1960; Imada & Nageishi, 1982; Inglis, 2000). TIPS: Think back - before all the good things that have happened in … Continue reading Uncertainty