Don’t fixate on worse case scenario

TRY THIS: If you tend to assume the worst case scenario - STOP! All this does is make you more anxious and drains energy you'll need down the road. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself - What's the best case scenario? What's the most likely scenario? Remind yourself that the worst case scenario and the … Continue reading Don’t fixate on worse case scenario

Don’t jump to conclusions

TRY THIS: Have you ever jumped to a conclusion only to find out that you’ve overreacted? We all have! While your waiting, keep testing your assumptions. Your need for closure could be leading you to overly and needlessly negative conclusions. THE RESEARCH SAYS: People with a high need for closure tend to jump to conclusions … Continue reading Don’t jump to conclusions

Watch the knee jerk reactions

TRY THIS: Be honest with yourself. Does waiting on an important outcome just drive you crazy? If so, you’re not alone! You need to protect against knee jerk reactions. Don't let your need for closure cause you to act prematurely. THE RESEARCH SAYS: Some people just can’t wait. They have what is referred to as a high “need … Continue reading Watch the knee jerk reactions